The Lamp Manifesto

Lamps are the light in the darkness that lets us see all that is around us while also providing comfort and security from the unknown. Humanity is deeply in need of a lamp in this unimaginable darkness. That lamp is ourselves. Humanity has within itself the power it has deeply yearned for over its entire history. Collective love, collective understanding, and collective reasoning is the only way we can find our light in this darkness. Love is unimaginably powerful. When we see how the people in our lives falter, when we see them fall, we are there. We are the lights in the darkness for all that need safety. We are the lamps by which people can find shelter and find home. No matter where you come from, no matter who you consort with we will always, always, always, be there as your light through the darkness. A solitary lamp of unimaginable love throughout the darkness can bring unending hope. That is who we are. The wellsprings of kindness, community, and empathy to all in need. Providing light to all of the horrors to see them how they are in their nakedness, which is a source of truth for people badly in need of being loved.

About the Writer

My name is Alexander Smith and after 22 years of a constant stream of consciousness in my brain (due to ADHD), and a necessary logical structure to keep myself alive all these years (two-parent lawyers with a reallllll nasty divorce) I decided that the way things have been seen by our world has been incredibly flawed as it has been run by mega-corporations serving monopolized corporate interests (but I digress).

I decided therefore to write (after acquiring a lovely philosophy education at Chico State) about how radically different the world looked through my own lens of logic while following a writing style and approachability for people with my condition (ADHD among others....). I wrote the above "Manifesto" while on shrooms for the first time in my life and due to my own anxiety and self-worth at the time, thought it was not quite publishable.

Today 3/8/22 I thought differently. I believe that I have a unique perspective on these issues, (despite being another cis-het white male with an opinion {of which there definitely are too many} but goodness gotta use this privilege of mine somehow) and I have a distinct writing style that says fuck-it to all rules besides that you of all people understand what I am saying.

I have always believed that love conquers all. And after talking with many many people and collecting their experiences of the world I feel like there are many who feel the same. Empathy is the single most powerful thing that we have and I hope you feel the same.

Also if you ever ever ever would like to reach out about ANYTHING going down in your life, don't hesitate to message me about it. I love humans so frickin much. AND that includes YOU. I love you.

-Alexander "Alex" Smith

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Alex Smith

Alex Smith

Your not-so-average early twenties cishet white male activist with a huge heart and a penchant for dismantling societal institutions :)